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 PTC sites I use.

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PTC sites I use. Empty
PostSubject: PTC sites I use.   PTC sites I use. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2011 10:17 pm

NOTE: All PTC sites that I use are legit and have instant payments, so join them!

1. NeoBux. Click the link to visit NeoBux. http://adf.ly/1zG7H
NeoBux is the god of PTC sites. It has a very low click rate but once you get some referrals, the money flows in. I give this PTC a 7/10, for the fact that it's low at first but it gets better when you get referrals, definitely join if you haven't already.

2. Ref4Bux. Click the link to visit Ref4Bux. http://adf.ly/1zGHL
Ref4Bux has a unique layout, it is legit too. I only started using it last week and have already earned a few dollars, I highly recommend joining as they also do 'Pay to Sign Up' offers, which are great when you have clicked all of the ads. They also host a lot of ads with a decent click rate. I rate this PTC 6/10 because it is a fairly new PTC but it also has great potential and has already cashed out to its members.

3. PTCBuXX. Click the link to visit PTCBuXX. http://adf.ly/1zGWk
PTCBuXX is a new PTC with rapid success. It has almost 7000 members in 5 days of being online. It is an incredible site with an incredible admin. The site has already cashed out over 100 dollars and has a 5 year subscription. You get $0.01 per click (minimum) and it obviously increases if you upgrade your account or get referrals, I love this site and I'm giving it an 8/10. It's a simple layout and has a great admin. Check it out, I really really really recommend registering and earning with this site.

4. FPIbux. Click the link to visit FPIbux. http://adf.ly/1zGNt
FPIbux is new and hasn't had to cash out yet. I know the admin though and this site screams LEGIT. I can't really rate it because I've not seen it work to its fullest yet, I'll add a rating when I have. I recommend joining.

5. BowlingBux. Click the link to visit BowlingBux. http://adf.ly/1zGQh
BowlingBux is an amazing site. It has a high click rate and it gets even better with referrals and account upgrades. I rate this site 7/10. It has also cashed out over $10K to its members, proving it's legit.
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PTC sites I use. Empty
PostSubject: Re: PTC sites I use.   PTC sites I use. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2011 2:13 am

have you ever cashed out? do you have payment proof im not saying there scams i use neobux too so not worried about that one but still proof always helps Smile
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PTC sites I use.
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