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 PeoplesBux | $0.05 Minimum Payout | Many Awesome Features | Join Now!

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PostSubject: PeoplesBux | $0.05 Minimum Payout | Many Awesome Features | Join Now!   Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:58 pm

PeoplesBux -  Everything is Simple!

- Established and Trusted Since 2009
- Inexpensive Online Advertising
- Daily Payments for All Members
- PayPal, AlertPay, and OKPay supported

Benefits of Being a Member:
--> High paying PTSU offers, some in which all you must do is submit your email.
--> Unlimited direct referrals.
--> Lots of contests with cash prizes.
--> Daily payments.
--> The Reward Zone!
The Reward Zone is a unique feature to PeoplesBux.
Here's what it is:
Once you are done clicking a number of ads on the PTC section, you will be redirected to the "Reward Zone".
The Reward Zone is a game that allows you to choose 1 of 4 options.
A. No reward
B. Cash only reward
C. Credits only reward
D. Both cash and credits reward
There's a 25 percent chance in picking each choice! And, the amount of cash and credits you have the chance to get will change every few days! Also, the cash that you earn is not so small as $0.000001- it's a good prize and will probably increase!
Start clicking your ads NOW and get some prizes!
--> Integrated forum
--> $0.05 Minimum Payout
--> Many promotional tools (banners, splash, etc.)
--> Unique account page with chart for own and referral clicks

Advertise with PeoplesBux
--> Prices starting from $1.00 for 5000 hits
--> Unique worldwide or geo-targetted visitors
--> Ability to design your own special
--> Strong anti-cheat mechanisms
--> Frequent promotions

Further we are a member of CashATE Network (http://www.CashATE.com/).

So join now!

Any questions, just ask! Wink
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PeoplesBux | $0.05 Minimum Payout | Many Awesome Features | Join Now!
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