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 Get Paid to Post! $0.08 per post! With Payment Proof!

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PostSubject: Get Paid to Post! $0.08 per post! With Payment Proof!   Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:07 am

Hey guys,
I recently found this site called PostLoop.

This is what's up on their site:
Quote :
Postloop brings together forum owners and forum posters in an unprecedented fashion. Here, forum owners will receive posts in their forums (free or paid), and forum posters can earn real money for making posts in other forums. The Postloop service handles all of the post tracking and management so that you do not have to do it yourself.

Forum Posters: Earn easy cash for making posts
Receive about $0.079 per post that you make
All post tracking is done automatically
The world's only active, automated post exchange
100% FREE to Join!

It's a really cool site and you can earn a lot as well.
Join here!

Here's my payment proof!
I tried to get the payout quick so I could show you guys that this program really works!

Join now you won't be disappointed Very Happy
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Get Paid to Post! $0.08 per post! With Payment Proof!
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